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The Philadelphia CSI BAZAAR

11:30am - Doors open. Drinks and snacks will be available all day.



12:00pm - Lunch will be provided with open bar.

Speaker:   Van Burriss 

Capricorn Industrial Sales Co., Inc




The impact of NFPA 285:

Selecting the best membrane

and foam insulation for your Exterior Wall Assembly

1:00pm - Bazaar Floor Open, open bar, networking, tables will be available

in the center of the room as well in case you need to take time

and talk.






Thomas Falvey                                           Eric Rahe                              Jan Vacca                                        Paul Goldberg   

T N Ward Company                                   BLTa                                     The Harman Group                           EDA Contractors








The Truth of Value Engineering

 verses simple Cost Cutting. One of these is not like the other and why.!  A General Contractor, an Architect, an Engineer and an Installer... Bring your questions and get ready for REAL answers.


4:30pm - Dinner will begin to be served

6:00pm - 



Ujjval Vyas

Principal at Alberti Group, LLC



Design Risk, Business Risk and Profit in the Architectural Marketplace 

Show us the money, in a world that seems to be asking to make cuts

around every corner.


7:00pm - Bazaar Floor Open, open bar, networking, and discussion


8:00pm - End (COME BACK NEXT YEAR)

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